Charles Hebert Flowers HS

10001 Ardwick-Ardmore Road

Springdale, MD 20774

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Our Officers

2019-2020 school year

Our Departments

John Jessamy

Project Manager

Jennifer Opara - 11th Grade

Fanwi Ndang - [...] Grade

Thomas Freeman - 11th Grade

Glen Larbie-Mensah - [...] Grade

Maryann Nwude - [...] Grade

Terrence Gittens - 11th Grade

Nasir Barnes - 12th Grade

Teon Frazier - 12th Grade

Ian Mwangi - 12th Grade

Donald Okeakpu - 12th Grade

Tseai Young - 9th Grade

Matthew Headley

Project Manager

Walter Williams - 12th Grade

(Project Manager)

Addo Davies - 12th Grade

Vanessa Roachè - 12th Grade

Donald Okeakpu - 12th Grade

Paris Smalley - 12th Grade

Keith Wallace - 12th Grade

Eugene Yoon Kook - 12th Grade

Natalia Budhoo - 11th Grade

Kennedy Cheek - 11th Grade

Justice Flora - 11th Grade​

Zipporah Jones-Dove - 11th Grade

Kayla Lucas - 11th Grade

Taylor Penn - [...] Grade

Antonio Moore - [...]Grade
Daoul Stancil - [...]  Grade


Allwell Afolayan-Famous

Project Manager

Johnathan Horta - 12th Grade

Erick Jimenez - 12th Grade

Christian Nwude - [...] Grade

Donald Okeakpu - 12th Grade

Nadia Washington

Project Manager

Coming Soon!


Us students of NSBE are engaged, learning new things every day.  Unfortunately, we do not live in a world where everything is free.  We need money to pay for transportation, club activities, competition materials, and many more.  No donation is too small.  We believe strongly that with the right funds, we can help create a world where minorities can excel in the STEM fields.  However, we can not do this by ourselves. 


With your donation, you are helping provide the materials our club needs to be successful.  Please help us share the word.  Tell your friends and family, acquaintances, EVERYONE!

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